Opinion on my store please
I just created a site selling homemade cards, menus, announcements .... etc. .... and small Christmas decorations.
I want your opinion!
If you have any constructive ideas for improvement ...
Do not be too hard on me please i work a lot (like everyone else I think)
Thank you in advance!

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Creation : 2010-10-09
vtu2noir said ...
Hello carpe diem;)

Well I attack me I will try to be less thought for you;)

Home fun at first, if I read it I do not know what to find but somehow I do not really care page is relaxed and well.

small flat Me:

If you have nothing ay back below why do not you just cut off your background?

otherwise it frames your little cute but the center;)
you shall not strip landmarks it is not right.
yes I output the rule (I do all my home like that)

I walk quickly your categories.

Watch your photos, y 'has blurred.
tricks you can find a tripod or if you do not until you take your picture when your breathing cut. idiot but that's all it works.
if the pictures are pretty.
you do not have to detour a ***** all your articles in the paper the idea merits husband although there was nothing wrong.

Christmas not forget you have nothing.

In your static page, cut your background image, it makes the page mega long for nothing. in Help and FAQ for example.

oula J had not seen in FAQ reduced slightly beyond the width ca rubriques.rien nasty on your AC takes 10 seconds.

hum a few quotations J do not really understand why you paste two photos in the background? the junction of the two did not gégé and I think it is quite useless since you have nothing on it. otherwise very nice page.

envelopes has nothing to redire.pareil soon Christmas is beautiful this page, I really love! (A real boy, the magic of Christmas ralala)
story map of vows is also a nice page. Glue small hearts everywhere well

the other two are heading too.

just missing something important, your My Data, your number cnil (coming soon I know) and your number siret I find no para.

otherwise the rest of your static pages are good too.

I think I go around, there's almost nothing to change that little tricks;)

j hope it will help a little.

Good luck to you.


Yvon said ...
My site was 3-4 weeks and at this stage an outside opinion would be nice of you ....
Go for the mill I am ready to hear (well read .. ;;;),
CARPE DIEM said ...
Vtu2noir cuckoo,
OUFFFFF! anxiously waiting your opinion!
But I am very happy! The record is not so bad and rather well I think! Thank you for your ideas! I'm going to change all that soon!
Thank you for your support!
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