Opinion on my site thank you
Hello, I just created my site with kingeshop:

I would like to have your opinion, thank you!
Author : Emilie
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Creation : 2013-08-22
Anonymous said ...
Very nice product but a little expensive.
The site is nice. I wish find the categories listed on the home page on the left to change the category easily. The text in the terms of sale overlap the bottom of the page.
Good sales!
marie said ...
The site is pretty
after a first glance I think the photos are small
lemessager said ...
good color, good context, I wish you good sales!
Emilie said ...
Thank you for your comments!
I corrected the problem in the terms of sales. For the price, I do everything by myself by hand, if I want to be profitable, I do not really have a choice ...
For photos, you're right Marie, I find them a little too small, I will do the needful.

Thank you again!
Anonymous said ...

The site is nice

Do not reduce your price;-)
It should be work well your SEO for reach a clientele for this type of purchase.

Do not just stay only on the net
go to the markets, place your advertisements in shops, organic grocery stores, etc ... (Flyers, business cards)

Looking for directories organic specialized (on the net) to register your website (it exists!)

good luck
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