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Hello to all and kingeshopeurs KingEshop!
A little advice on my new shop would be very nice of you! Thank you

Author : N BH
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Creation : 2011-05-08
cremecaviar said ...
The writings are not always legible.
The ideal is to keep the same font, it's more professional.

link to privacy goodbye, this is not professional.

Also I have not seen or siret cnil, scary ...

Dalo Vera Gel = missing the apostrophe.

Footer unpleasant is not readable
Anonymous said ...
Hello, at first glance homepage very welcoming and pleasing to the eye! The description of the product is pretty good, I suggest you add the missing photos very quickly and provide a little more boutique.
Congratulations, your store is very well started! Good luck

N BH said ...
Thank you for your comments and suggestions that I will take into consideration.
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