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Hello, I have to rework the presentation of my shop, my number is missing siret, my general conditions of sale and legal terms, they are still idle because not finished but the biggest is done!

Knowing that typing the keywords most searched for products of this type I appear always in the first page in the top positions:

I accept link exchanges if you really want to write me:

Your opinion? your ideas or constructive criticism are welcome

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Creation : 2011-03-26
SergeD said ...
I have not visited the classes, but I find your homepage splendid match with the products you sell.

Anonymous said ...
hello, no GTS, no entry deliveries, no payment of entry, no siret, no cnil, failure to write the item description (? instead ') probably due to copy-paste, FAQ topics new customers and empty, a few spelling errors, no information about the possible toxicity of the paintings, if not quite welcome and interesting products

good luck
Anonymous said ...
should change the text font at the top is blurred, if not sympathetic
Anonymous said ...
very nice site! topics are well organized, the only snag in my course! is that the title makes me blink a bit sore eyes.
Good sales and good luck.
Anonymous said ...

I found the homepage nice but records are illegible. It is small and bold, impossible to read.
There are a lot of spelling mistakes.
Anonymous said ...
very nice your site but in fact the Home page of text is clearly readable!
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