Opinion on my site
I want your advice on my site now. It is now visible after the difficulties experienced. Thank you let me know and give me your advice.
Author : fasomulsi
Readings : 596
Creation : 2010-12-20
Anonymous said ...
Someone has not visited my site? motion as the URL or not!
ne1190 said ...
Ya foy Dominique
Now it's good for fasomulsil, but stop to change his name;-) and hosting domain name.
Fasomulsi is at 1and1 and fasoboutic is in Amen (probably misconfigured, since you've taken the IP and I do not know if it's good?)
Fortunately this is not the same shops!
For fasomulsil, if you do sell that in Burkina, you must remove your territories of China.
Bara be thiama !
Good sales
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