Opinion on my site
Good evening,
just ask for your opinion, advice and support on my site and especially tell me if I'm on the right track. Thank you in advance!
Author : fasoboutic
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Creation : 2010-12-18
Petits Pas said ...

Yes, you're on track! We must continue like that. I'll make a few remarks, it is only my opinion, of course! This is just to give you some ideas. Otherwise it is! Good luck for the future! :)

1) header. Why not find a header a little bit more in line with the products you want to sell? A little more color, warmth ...

2) Personally, on your home page, I would rather we will refund you the refund is that which is little more familiar. You sell items of high quality, home must be of high quality.

3) Feedback contact us quickly and not very practical xxxxxxxx! Want to give your phone?

4) Headings. I find, but again, that's my opinion, you should remove the items that are not directly related with your business.

And finally 5) E-Book. Are you sure you want to sell this kind of product? it is not very for your brand. If you want to specialize, not t'éparpille not trying to sell this kind of product, it will discredit your shop.

Last tip to professional, do not forget to add your SIRET number of CNIL and your Terms and Conditions.
Voili voilou!

fasoboutic said ...
Valerie just to say thank you for your advice and suggestions I brace myself in order to handle them. has your next visit you will find that some evolution.
Thank you a thousand times
fasoboutic said ...
Hello Valerie,
you can see my shop for some suggestions?
Valerie said ...
Hi Dominique!

And congratulations! There is change and it's really great!
The header is much more enjoyable. I think that's a good choice to have
removed E-book of your classes! ;)

Now there is more than a small detail. All your contact info are listed in your contact page malheureusment but not in your Profile page. Perhaps it would be a good idea to remedy or remove then just mention in your contact profile page.
In terms of topics, for example you could write one or two articles on the benefits of shea butter, or crafts from your country, including batik. More you write articles, plus search engines are visiting your site and your listing will help! :)

Your project is progressing really well! Retrournerai I see your site this weekend!
Good luck for the future!

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