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Author : lylytendanc
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Creation : 2010-12-08
Hélène said ...
I love the color choices.
For cons, I suggest you create a specific section for your general conditions of sale. I believe they have nothing to do in the Frequently Asked Questions .. Moreover, I do not see your n siret or nCNIL?
In any case, you're on the right track. Good luck
Anonymous said ...
Not a bad site for women. Only one remark, not as secondary or siret CNIL, but the smile. The model lacks this element pleasant smile.
piercing said ...
your site is not bad it has a lot of potencial frankly it's a good start

it's just down right on the white square that will better

Patricia said ...
Good evening

What a surprise! a home page whose funds are strangely similar to mine

but hey! as they say, there is that which pleases is copied, according to my models boleros by Asian companies, to turn my site!

Good luck

www .** crystalcrea **. com (without the stars)
Anonymous said ...
you probably take photos at the same place just
As the models come from the web
cly said ...
patricia your paypal logo is the property of our site also so thank you thank you please remove it
Patricia said ...

take photos at the same place on the net?? I set myself the money they do not come from images taken on the net

for CLY: for cons there are a lot of paypal logos on the net, I did not know that this logo could be yours, it is not on your site elsewhere, but I'll do one with this offered by paypal on their official website

Anonymous said ...
because then your model is pictures of the model net
Anony Mouse said ...
it makes me laugh instantly logo CLY Paypal is yours! The name Pal, and all the names of credit cards belong to their owners. Paypal is owned by Paypal, Visa is owned by the company that manages the Visa, etc. ..
You do not even have the right to modify a brand logo and therefore even less appropriate to you.

For the rest of the girls, do not pull too hard on your hair, it is an energy expended unnecessarily. Put this in your topics aggressiveness, your ranking and your articles if you are craftsmen.

Lyly'm still careful, do not ask too many times a notice on your site on the forum, you may not be published
Anonymous said ...
do not forget that this great company re copy and tries to be better than others
So you stopped to take the head for nothing like children to me is that it is a him
is not what you will do the turnover or lose turnover
MystiMiss said ...

your site inspired me to my homepage (I found via the homepage of KingEshop)
www.mystimiss.kingeshop.com mystimiss.com or (if ever)

and it bears no resemblance to yours! it helps me to get ideas: I feared the phobia of the blank page!

I am happy to have here a way to say thank you!
Patricia said ...
Hello MystiMiss

Thank you for your message, your site is very nice
if mine inspired you a little is fine, and I am delighted you took the trouble to look for ideas and make a personal site without making a simple copy and paste the work of others without their request permission

I wish you great success and sales for your business

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