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Hello all and all.
There really knowing anything but really building a website, I'm still running. Obviously this is not quite finished but I still have an objective view of my work. Could you please tell me what you think and give me your advice. Thank you in advance.
Author : Leslie
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Creation : 2010-12-09
Anonymous said ...
I visited your site. I find it a bit empty and for the presentation you'd have to use a white chest. The necklaces are already dark. Or use the photos of your supplier with save as. I sell such items and have written permission from my wholesaler to use photos from her site. Good luck ... competitor (e) and good business. Cordially
François B said ...
The idea and work, but:
- Welcome to review: firs gif bling and links in large letters are perhaps not the best taste
- Product photos: Remove black frames (too Announcements of deaths), displays
are nice, but it takes a neutral background (white) or to make a clipping of your photos

Good luck!
Anonymous said ...
very little for sale and make gif's very childish so customers may not trust her too am an amateur
and your logo at the top do not beautiful or so my title centered in the middle and bigger on the left small logo with a flush its shocking

customers take 5 minutes to gain confidence
Anonymous said ...
you had to create your site in 15 minutes you have left the job good luck
jeje320 said ...
Attention to the links ...
Leslie said ...
Well thank you for your comments.
I will work things a little ....
I confess that I really hurt but it feels good to have some advice.
Thank you again.
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