Opinion on my site
Good evening I took all the comments about the site improvements.

I'm still no sale, so your advice is welcome.

Thank you

Author : sandrine
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Creation : 2010-11-28
SergeD said ...
Good evening,
Home not really friendly, put links in your pictures to go to the product, produced no clear picture of textile wife is a hindrance to buy the product, make a delivery item shipment, you say you do not make sale, but you treat your orders within 72 hours, must be much faster, competition is fierce and customers want fast shipment.
Good luck
syl said ...
Hi Sandrine, I have seen your shop, and my personal opinion, the color black is not the color I chose, rather a soft color in the purple, light green ect ... removes the message in its construction is not clear, prices are fine for sale. The rest should fill your inventory, add items.
Good luck.
Anonymous said ...
I can not go on your site I have a message KingEshop
trying to see your SEO

Rongeurs said ...
Then your site is not too bad but there are some concerns:

- Removes the term construction site, it does not look serious and pro
- In toys, you references to a topic, I do not think it's terrible! Removes this stuff and puts Next arrival on your homepage.
- Your site has no name or title (on banner)
- The colors are quite dark and does not want too
- In Service, reread and you take away the titles and Service 1 Service 2. In addition, your job offer on your shop is rather unwelcome and is not at all pro.
- In the FAQ, if you do not put anything, remove the page
- Justify your texts!
- Choose a graphic and respect ...
- In your articles, titresne aps are good, or you put a capital letter and the singular for all, is not capitalized and plural for all.
- Your descriptions are too short and not selling, and the pictures are blurry.

Okay well I do not want to help but befallen you, once you have corrected all that, I think it will be better than Google and you will reference (for there, even putting the website address in Google, we you are not)!
sandrine said ...
thank you I appreciate your advice and comments and I make sure to improve the site as soon as possible
Anonymous said ...
I can not go on your site.
Ano-nym said ...

Can not access your shop!

By copying and pasting into your address bar of my browser when you're sending it automatically becomes: http://www.eror.com/??

Strange! There must be something wrong somewhere!
Anonymous said ...
Good evening,

you have beautiful products, a pity that the pictures are blurry (it is already difficult to choose the internet ... besides, you seem to have super leggings but I do not see the details: (
good evening
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