Opinion on my site
I'm new here and I just created my quote you.
Can you give me your opinion, I'm not very good with computers but I think I'm doing pretty well. BUT I would like to have the views of all those who create a site with you.

Author : DOLCE
Readings : 451
Creation : 2010-11-16
Anonymous said ...

Missing required data: siret, CGV, cnil ...
I saw some nice things but what the sizes 3XL, XXL ...
It is better to remove the clothes that are no longer in stock because it's frustrating.

Good luck.
SergeD said ...
Your header is beautiful, it lacks a little color on the home page for the holidays it takes a bit of fun in your column ATTENTION, attention to spelling, direct purchase without e, wait, not n'attentez certainly typos, if your products are highlighted, the rest have said, good luck, good sales

dolce said ...

Anonymous, serged

Thank you very much for you comments, yes I know I'm not very good at spelling because I have not made my studies in France. (I'm sure that I still made mistakes sorry).
3XXL sizes (T52) and XXL (T50) corresponds to the large size, depending on the supplier.
I will attempt to put a bit of color on the home page, it's not good mas won.
But as said slowly makes its nest.
Thank you, and continued to give me advice
dolce said ...
I think I made mistakes with tags
Ycaz said ...
Good evening

I just visited your site. Not bad (this is only my personal opinion amateur no pro). I just found some stuff a bit annoying to me. I think the homepage is a little aggressive, the characters are too big ... I have not read everything but in the GTS, I doubt that the Paris Tribunal has jurisdiction to Autun. If other errors of this kind are present in the GCS, we have to be careful because if something goes wrong ...
Finally, the entries do not reflect the goods offered for sale not referencing by the search engines ...

Otherwise I think for someone not strong, not bad at all.

Good evening
Anonymous said ...


Yes you know why an error on my part is the Commercial Court of Le Creusot, Saône et Loire.
Thank you for your help allows me to his corrected my errors, for an amateur you are in pretty good advice.

Thank you
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