Opinion on my site
Hello everyone!
I want your opinion on my site! I was beginning to be well referenced and then a few days and then google me sulking! I'm so into you but if you could give me some advice!
I know I'm missing products, but I'm now actually doing changes.
Thank you for your reviews I looked forward to!
I am also looking for link exchange
Author : dealosaure
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Creation : 2010-11-15
Anonymous said ...
Good evening,
Sorry, but already your domain name is certainly a hindrance to your ranking, the rule is to have a name that corresponds to your business, the second brake is the inconsistency of referencing, DVD, WOMEN FASHION, JEWELRY , CHILD, choose your product and it does not spread yourself too general customers want the pros, if not clearly announce foirefouille when an exchange of links that will not improve your ranking, given your current rank . but I assure you your site is very nice design, headings, you have potential, but you still working on bcp your choice of products and categories

Isa said ...
A lot of work ahead for this shop becomes serious (also avoid biting anywhere colissimo pictograms or other poor quality). Good luck.
Anonymous said ...
yeah classic
too much resemble the normal
must create
make invent
attention is just my opinion and it's still random
do not take it badly
try gif
dealo said ...
Do not worry I will not take anything bad! On the contrary the critics are there to give me the path to take!
with cons too much resemblance to the normal I would like you to tell me a little more! is on the drawings that I created or the rest, or all ...
Thank you again for the comments!
Feel free to give me more tips!!
thank you in advance
Ycaz said ...
I also think under headings including Google and others use. If the title is how to choose her lingerie, the search engines will make choosing and lingerie, and then you're probably less well placed than the big names ... It's a track, but there must be d more ...

Good luck
dealo said ...
Ycaaz thank you! I made the change, it is indeed probably better that way for google.
Feel free to give me more tips
ycaz said ...
Good evening
This is only my opinion. I do like that on my site-web-www.maquettes discount.fr and it works well with Google for certain products because I go out on the front page 1st or 2nd place ... Now to wait for the customer!

Good luck
dealo said ...
I made the changes. It's probably better that way!
Anyway thank you!

Do not hesitate if you see something else!
For others tell me what you think of my site!
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