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Hello everyone
I will update you on my site that has existed for almost a year now and for the moment took me back ... ZERO sales ...

maybe you give me your opinion on what may ask issue.Avoiding site is visited, moderately but no sale.

thank you in advance for your help

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Creation : 2010-10-09
CARPE DIEM said ...
I just visited your site and I do not understand why ZERO sales! Your site is cool, your products and ausssi plus you're cheap! I do not know what to tell ya! Maybe that's the kind of products that people are not buying right now, I do not know! D o not get discouraged! Have you done any links? maybe it will help you!
A +
vtu2noir said ...

to start buying yourself a domain name, and you doing to be referenced. the're not even ranked.
I do not see a number cnil (required).

your profile does not envy, poorly arranged for my taste. after checking the page and section is the same ....

* FAQ - the main site. there are no points or described next, everything is stuck tight it makes me not even want to read, there is color in the background that is not present everywhere ....

* Original gift - like, it's ugly (it's raw but it's true) Your full text top of page, should the air a bit, it gives no desire to read.

* Method of manufacture - what's that background color of text? it is not pro has my taste especially like that it covers not the whole page ... no interest, he seems to miss you paint to finish your work.

* Shipping weight ... - Such airs a little, then your pictures to me is the same size, center the best, at worst add another one on the bottom left just to make some kind of graphic. it's weird.

* General conditions of sale - first sight it makes me think of red white and blue, I'm Francis French lol
No but seriously? What is a boutique? a space designed to allow a pro pros sell their wares, the store must be clear and must inspire confidence that this customer feel comfortable and really confident.

it's not flashy colors! after all depends on the style of product we sell but not so in the My Data. it's been anything but pro.

* Contact - to say nothing of

* Links - Remember to remove the links demonstration.

In summary your shop a year ago we tell you that the only just beginning.
Well, I grant you that you can tell me that this poor *** who can nullify the result of my work a year job?

I grant you I'll put a big slap in the ****. But hey that's what you ask? after if you sell anything you will lose all hope and abandoned, it will be stupid.

Re-bump one can do everything that I told you, it's really stupid because your job is nice, I like it pretty well and it looks like.

rework a bit and come back to ask advice.

not forget you create a domain name. that you detach a bit from the cocoon of family KingEshop. AC enables you to see your own world ranking and national and you may see your progress a bit.

I wish you good luck and good luck.

and really not a bad take my criticism that I am you will restore a cost of pep.


ne1190 said ...
I confess to being somewhat agree with vtu2noir, starting with the name.
For SEO, everything is important, your keywords are not what are phrases, even with parentheses!

Once the tips Yoan followed, you can too, because it is an artisanal product, you focus on the business, creating and I think it will work, because
Personalized enamel paints for any occasion, is not your business, I lean more to creating custom tiles and ceramics. Opportunities abound, but they must be put in the keywords in the title.
CARPE DIEM said ...
Hello vtu2noir,
Well I say, we can say that you do not mince your words!
It's true that the funds and the colors are good but .......... !!!!!!
Thank you for the CNIL, I was wondering exactly! and the domain name too!
A +. Olivia

vtu2noir said ...
no I do not mince my words are my personal than the way it goes down and the AC has always done this evidence, if they say something critical of the so, it motivates not really, but if we frankly the bottom of his thought even if a little titillated the pride of his interlocutor, we advance.

I repeated that I said not really bothered to spoof or otherwise in my world.

I will like it also left me a whole speatch default on my shop, I'm full of request. each time it's little things here and there, I do it and walk not really.

stroke of luck I met a designer who handed me a little pep's over, I critics picks and give me a little to my sauce.

On that you have not followed exactly what I say or what you're saying is you have to pick and make your own choices.
we recently told me to repeat once again the color of my shop in beige, I will not.

must first of all whether you like it also has toi.que you find yourself also in what you do.

pastek1 said ...
Good evening,

Phew, in fact, I took a few slaps in the tête.Mettons pride aside (hard though) and here, I tried to correct what I could based on your conseils.Je'm not a specialist shops and this is not my main business then yes, I wade into the meal this side là.Pour NDC, how should he do? I have a SIRET number, I am autoentrepreneur.mais for cnil, I do not know.
reference for me, buy a domain name or should he go? I do not understand much, so if you could help me with simple words or procedures, it would help me really.
thank you.
vtu2noir said ...

me either it is not my main activity, even if I will like it eventually become. cnil to be gone on their site, you will find it on google.
KingEshop read the FAQ there is an article on this subject very well you can not explain to you plant.
for the same domain name all in the FAQ. it cost almost nothing and it's better. and the same for the SEO, all in the FAQ.

a little reading my friend needed. for your mods go see it tomorrow evening because the head rest ... oulala.

good evening to my kind of zombie. and good luck to you.
pastek1 said ...
for the domain name, I found the information on the FAQ effectivement.mais I have a question I can not find I'll be réponse.peut seem stupid but oh well. jydcreacadeaux called my shop. I want to keep the shop name because it is close to my heart but if I put it as a domain name is unrepresentative. can you put a different domain name the name of the store? or is it necessary that I give my name shop?'s stupid question, but I do not know who to ask this.
thank you in advance
CARPE DIEM said ...
Hello pastek1,
Just a little clarification if you will!
with regard to your My Data, I wonder (if I understood correctly) if you can extend the withdrawal period for custom orders. It is a legal time limit! If you mean that the lead time will be longer in case of custom command (I like it!) You should perhaps talk to another place!
Although you and courage!
If you have a moment, please, go have a look at my site and tell me what you think!
thank you
pastek1 said ...
actually the withdrawal clause was unclear and I detailed. Thank you very much
pastek1 said ...
Re hello, Olivia. I saw your site and I find it very sympa.bien built but hey, obviously I'm not an expert on the subject. good luck for the future
CARPE DIEM said ...
Pastek1 thank you, good luck to you too!
If you're interressée a link let me know!
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