Opinion on my site
Hello everyone,

I changed my site, could you give me a trial.
Thank you
Author : willyboya2
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Creation : 2010-08-30
LILY said ...

there is no banner logo

the reception bazaar disorder must make a page with a welcoming and original visual and verbal hook that encourages the client to explore the site ...

there was not legal

must write his own texts by personalizing ...
reveenbois said ...

agree with lily,

problem on the FAQ,

must make paragraphs: the title, then the explanation

you only pay by check? limpression that it gives the name of your item

in the title space after each comma

I do not like the colors too but that's personal

For me, good luck

Vtu2noir said ...

Welcome to your online store? is not yours?

no one sees your GPS it is hidden by the picture.

Attention also has your picture, the quality is dismal, AC pixelated to death, it makes all this not very seller.

I think your articles are expensive, you should review the prices of some stuff, I'm almost certain that in my walking video game consoles are cheaper than that.
Same for the LED faucet I had seen it at least 10 of the fair search.

For your profile I think you can change a few things: For example to get fast: Below are some points, we wondered what was.

No trace of Siret number, cnil ...

Such contact is in two point, one wonders what was.
As mentioned above, remember your paragraphs in FAQ.
is poorly arranged, there's a large hole in the text that sounds weird.

No time to say more but I think you got something to be getting a little;)

good luck to you and good luck for the future.

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