Opinion on my site
Hey everyone,
like, if you like you to tell me what you think of my site
which now is a showcase site.
A review on the design and colors, etc. ....
thank you in advance.
Author : Antonio
Readings : 476
Creation : 2010-08-25
Patrick said ...
I found that the homepage had a lot of text
a bit daunting to read.
you placed in contact with the legal information hiding ...
all numbers, so they should appear.
under the conditions of sale, must go to each site
for each product chosen to view sales conditions
not very practical.
otherwise it's pretty cool
Ano-nym said ...
Indeed, niche interesting idea but the homepage of the site does not really want: too much text and you do not understand immediately what you sell and how it works ... (Do not forget that a web-based customer is his idea in the first 10 seconds!).
And I'm not sure that the principle of having to request a quote for each product is very vendor, especially for goods that are supposed to be purchased to give as gifts ... Besides, you do not put in your basket shop, I do not see much use to go through KES ... Why not just a blog that also would be less binding for you in terms of layout, updates, ...?
Finally it is your business ...
Good luck.
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