Opinion on my site
hello can you please visit my site and tell me how you found to be frank I'm ready for the criticism lol
Author : mohdiscount
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Creation : 2010-08-25
vtu2noir said ...

So for me the first sight I said yes why not
but after searching around I see a lot of thing that inspires no confidence.

Home a bit empty my taste.
Bienvenue à notre boutique en ligne! You can say that?

Attention is your pictures that overlaps the text under the headings shifts more to the left, because you have activated the history visible hit when you visited your page several items down and ride your pictures.

tell engaging in a very short time, but it is what you call short? You may be able to talk about making a topic about this?

brief home page please me (that only my opinion)

Your entry: the erasers, is probably the origin of all categories overlap and nothing to do with what you do.

if not for your classes, when I clicked on PS3 I thought you could buy some PS3 accessories PS3 will be renamed?

Do you have the right image for your photos??

Because of this personal alarm me all the marks are cleared site it looks like a Chinese counterfeit. (I do not think the only thought that.)
I think it might drive away customers this kind of thing.

takes on you and make your pictures yourself I think it will be the best solution.

Shipping offered for PSP pouch? how are you doing to put free shipping on this?

because when I order this product certe the shipping costs are free, but if I add other items or free shipping is not mentioned and that I look at the invoice price for shipping is a 0 !

Attention you if you want to pay the postage for other items.

Profile page, a little airing your text with your image while it is stuck doing all compressed.

I do not see mentioned your SIRET number if your number CNIL. is mandatory.

Page privacy everything overlaps.

I think I made the turn to the question;)

I hope you will seriously consider all these criticisms which I hope will help you later.

Good luck to you.


reveenbois said ...

Your site is a bit lightweight in category pourqoui not propose several topics depending on MP3/MP4 price: less than 30 euros, 30-50 ...
lacks details of deliveries, GTC
there is a pb in category 1 and 3 bp layout.


mohdiscount said ...
thank you guys for your honesty I'll remedied
vtu2noir said ...

But no one is here for, it's clear I have a good spread of funds but it annoyed me;) I also know that when I like it eh;)

For example, the shop reveenbois I love it!

Stéphane said ...

I will not repeat the comments above, you already have no job I think with that! Really thinking of making a home page the most professional possible, adds very prescriptive and explanatory text on your farm and your products.

In addition to understanding your customers is very quickly what is happening on your shop, it helps to énorment SEO! who is proud of launching more than kingeshop obtained w3c validations and strict html.

So much for me!

Good road
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