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Can you give me your opinion, your comments, suggestions for my site?

Thanking you.

Author : kriscan
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Creation : 2009-12-18
alice said ...
Hello, this is a pretty simple. I went everywhere and did not see the issue of postage on the general conditions of sale. We must make the info visible and explicit, your order will arrive without charges, for sure!
Small photos of your products do not go, it absolutely must improve to invite people to open large that they are very beautiful and pros. Adds details, such as pearls mounted on wire ... a long ... , Zipper ..... Since you can not see everything, to be described! you could also bring classes necklaces and pendants.
I found the name Kriscanperle difficult to remember, not all business.
I hope not too hard, but it's for a good cause! good continuation
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