Opinion on my site
Hello, I opened my site online sales of costume jewelry
could you tell me what you think I need an outside opinion
Thank you
Author : fashiondd
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Creation : 2010-07-13
nwa said ...

In Terms of the text overlaps another paragraph it is not very serious. As faults (buyer: and after the focus has not allowed the poor ...). The 20% reduction of purchase for so little weird give me not want to buy. A too sell off one wonders if the quality will be the rdv. Good luck
la bougnate said ...

You're on a saturated niche and you will take a long time and work to exist on the internet ...
For your site, you should develop the home page explaining what you do, it generates keywords that will help your SEO.
On my screen, your GTC overlap and layout of your page is not very readable (same for the means of payment).
It would also be wise to put more text in the description of your products for the same reason as the host.
I found your n siret but not your CNIL N, and put a little text to reassure buyers paying by Paypal.
Your products at low prices, which is very good and could encourage the purchase favorite, so use as an argument!
Good luck to you,
Mylène said ...

Indeed, the market is saturated jewelry except when we really stands out, the market is wide and there is room.
At first your home is too flash and not doing enough work, the page is visually poor 3 products and just the info at the facebook is not suitable.
Item-level prices down is very very good but the pictures are of very poor quality which makes a very sincere client will not be very satisfied.
-20% Die 20 euro purchase that was a little flea market not very high in terms of quality.
The mandatory cnil n I did not find your terms of sale should be much more readable text without overlapping and with paragraphs aligned.
The visual is the first thing that is not a customer approach and therefore it is very important to the work.
Look at what the competition must be guided while keeping his own personality.
A site like yours may not stand out in this state, it is by no malice but of objectivity, the true professional will tell you the same thing.
There is much work ahead but everyone goes through there, the professional phase of introspection is sometimes difficult but necessary to any successful outcome.
If you create yourself it would be good to report and write a little about you and spitch way you see your professional and if it is not you who create it does not matter you can go Also briefly.
People like knowing who they are dealing with and the fact that a couple of things about himself and his company created a certain proximity is conducive to the purchase.
Good luck

Patricia said ...
Good evening

I found your homepage too simple and without any personality

Even if you only sell these jewels I think you should build your site to your image. While browsing the site we did not feel that you do not like what you do, shame!
Your conditions of sale are a bit cluttered, it has little desire to read

all this lends an air of shoddy, I wish you good luck for the future, but I think if you do not put more effort and heart to your pages, you'll have enough trouble hooking customers, especially it's fantasy and mundane that the industry is already quite saturated, it is necessary that you find the tips that will catch the eye and stimulating the desire to browse this site

This is of course only my opinion and I tell you openly what I think hoping that these criticisms do not discourage you but you boost the right side

fashiondd said ...
Thank you for your reviews, they have been constructive. I am trying to improve what was wrong.

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