Opinion on my site
hello can you give me your opinion on my site www.leperejoujou.com
thank you
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Creation : 2010-05-02
Mylène said ...
I noticed he was missing your n cnil and in the section on privacy policy texts some overlap.
It is very clear and cohérent.Par cons I think the banner and the home page does not adequately reflect the pointed end of the variety of items you offer.
There are classical and modern, when it comes to your site is all that purple in my view reflects more a world of young child girl type.
In any case you have some great items, I smell a toy enthusiast ;-) you really put it as forward.
Fair sales to you!

cathy said ...

cool toys for your site, it reminds me of good memories, I held a toy store for 20 years!

Now I create the table decorations for birthday child

if you're interested, I'd be oki for you to link

do a lil tour of my shop for you to judge

Hot Sale


lulouetcie said ...
Good evening
Here is a nice site we want to linger to watch products, your classes are really well presented with beautiful pictures in my review for the game I would put the toy colors more vivid as site template red or blue corresponds better you do not sell baby products on your home page text is horizontally is much more readable your text on sustainable development seems very important do not put everything down to otherwise it is what distinguishes you from others, and to finish your rcs is the smallest horizontally or contact or profile, your home is your showcase.
Good sales because you have a serious potential
ckarine75 said ...
For Cathy
Would you accept a link exchange?

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