Opinion on my site
Hello all

I think to be operational for the operation of my shop but
I need your advice. you would be nice to come and do a review and tell me if there is something wrong.

thank you in advance
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Creation : 2010-05-01
Mylène said ...
I noticed that the FAQ and the news was empty.
There is no n cnil your attention is required.
On your homepage I do not think the banner paypal is well positioned on the top, bottom it would be better in my opinion.
It is a bit banal by cons section lighthouse is very nice.
Not many items but certainly very cute and full of promise.
Fair sales to you.

Claudine said ...
Good evening

Nice picture of your creation on the homepage, I also think that the paypal logo would be better placed at the bottom of the page or reduced in size on the side.

It would, in my opinion, the words handbag and fashion accessory, keywords at the top of your list on your homepage and in your entry.
And your choice of keywords, put yourself in place of a surfer, I do not know if many of them would type your choice of bag in google.
For your classes, it would be better, I think, for example entering Sandrine .. bag, bag a half-moon ... etc. .. I think it's better for search engines.
Work, but I feel the same that Nancy, full of promise.

Great success to you.
souzoune said ...
thank you for your invaluable advice mylene. I will transfer the first time in a faq. there will be time to call when my shop has had few sales.

I did not know I needed a number cnil. I look at it.

cons from what is banal, my shop or my home page?
I find writing attached to my texts, do any one in our interface? and if so what name does it?

thank you for helping me
souzoune said ...
oh la la! that's a lot of work that!

it's not obvious to a site, thank you for your advice, I think I come not at all
koumy said ...
Hello dear Souzoune,

So I flew over your site and first of all know that I like the hat business .... maybe one day I'd be your client.

1-Good for what color I find it somewhat lacking in the Home

The photo of the two-bag is pretty dark even greater, I was attracted by the no pti pouch brilliant and we see nothing ... we guess there's pink and maybe a reason but good. .. not seen so I zapped

When submitting articles do not you think pouch he'd be more fun to photograph hanging on a tree: the coup was in full natural light is more visible and you are holder of a pleasant decor and free ... . see if your park or other ... you plant a nail and presto .... you and you taglines photographs .... plus he's nice and everything is in bloom right now .... benefits

3 - I have good Malfunctions Categories::: stop putting your beautiful creations in the dark ..... AND IF YOU KEEP THIS BANK AS THE MOVE IN THE LIGHT and is staged:
* Fruit on a cloth and your bag
* Flowers on the bench to light and your bag
* A girl in your bag
* Improvising ....
Loving c
'All the time and the same bench under the same ..... it .... you know what ...

5 - CHANGE THE PHOTO bag Asian market and even the name ... if you can bag or Chinatown Saigon refers to an Asian city is prettier.
Good and then sort of cover red hot like your bag .... uh ... way ... is not it more beautifull to a beautiful scarf or Simler alone or handheld.

6 - ditto for half moon bag: Photo and dark blanket ... bye bye ..

Enhances your product catalog ... takes the fear and inspires you

Remember that you sell the favorite partner of all women, girls or young ... so it must be beautifully presented.

Well of course I am not an expert so if your sales take off without all this dark .... and good luck .... but still .... is more natural light

souzoune said ...
Koumi you're absolutely right. My presentations are not attracting enough, should I innovate and I follow your great advice at the lighting, Myself, I find that my bags have nothing to do with the image and reality . I do not have a great digital camera is also the problem. I'll see it all as the sun comes back, because right now it's gray in my nature photographs and missed it for the remake.
Thank you for your advice, I'll work on the aesthetics of the presentation of my products.

when my store will change the look, I'll let you know that you give me a second opinion.

koumy said ...
hello !!!!!

No worries for your photos ..... a mobile phone can do the trick, then you send them via the net on your mailbox and HOP .... .... and in your folders on your site.

My site has been made of this same boat and my picture are nikel .... I can assure you ... you just need a good natural light and everything will be better.

The technology I know nothing but worry they can do without

good continuation
Vtu2noir said ...
Goodnight souzoune,

If I may say so I do not like the first vision we have on your home page, a quote like the above PayPal logo for me that is out of place, and two that kind of cloud mass, but hey it's a personal opinion.
At first when we come to the page it looks like you took a picture and see that you've thoroughly and AC pixelated, but it is at first sight it when you plunge a few seconds we see although the clouds, rainbow .... Anyway I will change my personal photo.

Sure, it's not clear is the home page that is all, I've redone twice and I like it yet and it has been hours that I'm make a huge assembly very soon something new on my page.

And if not for the sake of brevity I will join Claudine).

Good continuation.

souzoune said ...
Thank you for your advice at all. I will try to improve my home office. But I have a concern I do not know how to put the paypal logo at the bottom, at the same level as new. it is true that the homepage does everything, if it attracts not bar a client, and I'm afraid I find myself into oblivion, unless the client is suicidal! because I'm not good to make a beautiful design. I do not have time to see my page this week, he will have to wait on weekends. In any case, if there are other criticisms to make, do not hesitate, they are really useful for me to improve.

Thank you all

koumy said ...
Hello Zouzoune,

Word of advice between creator uninformed ... I have all pumped on the net .... I'll google dns .. I type eg. Paypal .... jme puts IMAGE and then I pick the images I am interested in being registered as to my USB drive and store it in my case I am ........ THE TIPS FOR illustrate SITE BEING IN .... DO NOT TAKE NOTICE TO WHAT IS A GLANCE 0VU legally protected.

GO oops! work .... will pump your ideas

vtu2noir said ...
Just a thank you to kumiss and constructive responses with a small bit of irony (not bad but on the contrary), it feels good to hear that.

Just for info it would be funny that you leave your link that throws a look at some your shop;)

souzoune said ...
Koumi ok, I'll try that too but it will not happen in one day!
your tips are Interesting, I'll use them. thank you for the help.

souzoune said ...
What do you think little wolves?
barrera the client may not be this time.

I will arrange the best texts noon tomorrow because it is late

good sleep everyone

vtu2noir said ...
Bah voila pin up! .

Hmm already better in my taste! nothing to do with the old.
souzoune said ...
Vtu2noir thank you.
it was kind of saying that there is an improvement. it has been hours that I décarcasse for this sacred page, you would have said otherwise I would have been depressed.

I will submit a new question on the second look in my shop to have the views of others
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