Opinion on my site
here is a good month that I just created my site and would like your opinion.
thank you
Author : louise
Readings : 462
Creation : 2010-04-11
Alpanel said ...
Too bad the site is down ....
Mylène said ...
I just visit your site, there are faults to homepage.
The concept is not bad but I think visually it's a bit bland white and pink, this is only my opinion.
It lacks a little bit of choice and some pictures are blurry In particular with the bottom of the homepage.
I wish you great sales, sales sun is beginning to be more and more numerous!

Labougnate said ...

Mylène As for faults, you put in foster photos and names of sections and it would be that you can click on it (link) to see products ...
On the lack of choice of products, you can work around the problem by putting your product by 3, 6 or 9, as your layout is improved. You can group several categories into one.
In your entry, your texts are not well centered.
There are always made on a site to improve its SEO, so good luck.
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