Opinion on my site
Hello to all.
I just created my site selling clothing, shoes, etc. .... Women.
Tell me what you think.
thank you
Author : LOUISE
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Creation : 2010-03-21
Anonymous said ...
The photos are not sharp, it is not very good articles.

that's my opinion, I hope he can help you, because only for this purpose that I've made these remarks.
Lise said ...
Hello Louise,

I'll answer truthfully as you ask for advice I think you're ready to hear constructive criticism. Honet your shop is afraid (this is only my opinion) I find it very flashy: colors too flashy, too type promotional messages about your products personally when I see prices like it I do not even look at the details: I never would buy shoes at 8 or pair of earrings to 1.50, I think people have just enough of the Chinese shops that flourish in many French cities and I think your website s 'seeming a little of that, I think that despite the crisis we need to have some fun and buy low-end back a bit to say that we ourselves even little value, I think people like to do business must give them the impression that buying a quality product at a lower cost but that they are buying low end. Here I hope not too hurt thee not order!
I just want to give you my opinion frankly and this opinion is mine alone I hope I am wrong and wish you good luck.
louise said ...
thank you for your advice (which I take very good because I start)
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