Opinion on my site
Hello, I am African hairdresser and I registered as self-contractor there is little time since I built this shop selling online hair extensions and all kinds of cosmetic products Afros.
Can you tell me your opinion on this site?
Author : Djéné
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Creation : 2010-03-16
Isa said ...
Good evening,
Can you give us the address of your site? Otherwise, you can not see
Anonymous said ...
African hairdresser's cool

but he is or the site lol

in africa?
Djéné said ...
Am I stupid site: http://www.djene.fr
chouette06 said ...

I found your site really great and I see nothing to change. Very nice home page, clear and sharp and your photos of items are very good.

All my Congratulations and good sales

Good day,
Mylène said ...

Top site!
It is really well presented, clear, clear, precise, warm, it makes you want even if it was not hair ;-)

G@lexy_33 said ...
Hello Djéné,

I found your site really cool.

Your graphic is well respected.
Your photos are sharp and clear.

It gives really want to visit your site entirely.

Only a small item that I could quote from critic is your banner.

You are at the base dressing and your banner there feet, is certainly related to the sale of cream, but hey, this is only my point of view.

I wish you a good continuation.

Best regards
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