Opinion on my site

I would like to have opinions on the site I just created. Feel all the reviews are good to take.

The site is: www.marieetrobin.com

Thank you kindly
Author : Elo1710
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Creation : 2010-03-08
benebond said ...
The bunch of maternity, motherhood and cut. Behind accessory is something that is not pretty. You lack the GCS, your number siret. What are the payment methods you accept. I found your homepage too simple, too empty. Finally it's my opinion.

In all cases, good idea, good continuation.
Armelle said ...
Very nice site. Beautiful presentation with all the colors. Opinion very favorable, but I have not seen the GCS.
Good continuation

Mylène said ...
Hello, this site quite colorful and related to what you sell.
By cons must absolutely mention the CGV general conditions of sale, your contact with n siret should also be mentioned and also the regulation on privacy.
Good continuation
Elo1710 said ...
Thank you for having responded to my request!

I have taken note of your remarks so I changed some things!
ch said ...
Hi Elo

I found your site very nice to visit. I love your home page that makes you want to go further.

I wish you a good continuation,
a said ...
Good evening,

Me, in the homepage animation MARIE AND ROBIN, as well as shipping costs, on a green background with red bothers me.
And some pictures are processed.
This is only my opinion.
Good luck
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