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it can give me advice on my site. There are already search engine that fits like google and yahoo so I think my site begins to look not. Thank you for your opinion on the subject, good day to you and good continuation in your projects. thank you.

Author : TOUCHON
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Creation : 2010-02-22
Anonymous said ...
Hi Touchon,

First you made a mistake on the address of your site.

Corrects spelling errors in the banner and headings, it is not particularly serious that the banner is the first thing a visitor sees.

I do not know if your site is finished, but I do not see your siret No, neither the AGB nor to whom I deal.

Your banner is blue I will choose a site template in the same tones. Me, I do not like mixing red / blue.

Excellent continuation
Anonymous said ...
not legal, the text is riddled with misspellings, ect ... Brief much work to reassure customers!
good luck
benebond said ...
Not the GCS, we do not know what modes of payment, shipping, delivery time, there are topics we do not know what they are used as they are empty, if you want to keep for later completion, yet disables, it is not pro site unfinished ...

The pictures have the impression that they are a bit blurry. Takes another angle to take your picture it does not pro to see the background a door and a corridor, even if the items are second hand, and then cuts your photos afterwards.

Good continuation, I hope you will take a lot all our remarks, we are here to give our opinion and our advice to help better the future entrepreneur.
Best regards
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