Opinion on my site
Hello to all I'd like to have an opinion on my site are all critical to a good thank you for giving me your opinion
Regards fred
Author : Fred
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Creation : 2010-02-11
chouette06 said ...

I found your site not bad at all.

The only thing that does not please me too, it is on your homepage when you detail the consoles and the rest. I think it's too tight, it deserves a little more ventilation. Finally, this is only my personal opinion.

Good continuation
Anonymous said ...
I like the home page by cons there are no photos of products but as it is being built is that it will come.
fred said ...
Thank you for your comment do not hesitate to continue to
cordially fred
fred said ...
Voila I edit errors and redid the home page if there are other problems thank you for the report.
Regards fred
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