Opinion on my site
Hello to all and all

Like many here I would like an opinion from you on my site and all critical idea to move my site are welcome. Especially do not hesitate

and again thank you has KingEshop their wonderful work

Good beautiful day to all

Site address: http://www.mdvflers.kingeshop.com/
Author : mdv flers
Readings : 499
Creation : 2010-02-02
Anthony said ...
Sympa ton site.
But small note at the outset, you can not leave your pictures opportunities as they are now. They are distorted and pixelated. It is not pro and not very pretty.

The rest seems to me, I still watch.

A +


mdv flers said ...
Hi Anthony thank you to answer. How and what images are pixilated I do not see can you tell me more please

good day
Anonymous said ...
Besides price on the home page, you owned a star not pretty at all! ;)
mdv flers said ...
Thank you we will change ca. What is there to have another do not hesitate to critique please

best regards
chouette06 said ...
Good evening,

I found your site very well done.

By cons you did not put the GTC or your siret No!

Good sales
Delphine said ...
Hi mdv flers

Home very professional and very nice even if the star is not used very nice (it looks like it was a tiny picture that was too much enlarged).

If he lacks the GTC, the imprint (no siren ...) but maybe the site is not complete.

Good night and good continuation


Michael said ...
I think that site is amateur photos are poorly framed and poor quality (picture taking).
Otherwise why: mdv flers?
The logo is also unreadable.
Good luck
mdv flers said ...

cgv the siren and n yes it's true we forgot saw ca va etre is today and the star's true that CA is lousy. For photos not obvious to do better it's true that the logo is small but our logo since 2005 we shall put more on another page if MDV means multimedia sales depot is the name of our real store has Flers Orne voila. Anything else??

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