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Hello to All!
I am about to open my online store to sell shoes for men and women, but also underwear for women (underwear). The site is www.topclass.kingeshop.com
I would ask you to visit and give me your perspective. Also, how do I send our e-mail for clients?
Thank you and good luck to us all!
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Creation : 2010-01-13
benebond said ...
It is on the right track, you do not put the name of your company.

For customers, because of free advertising on leboncoin, ebay, pubenfolie, and many others by example, and then refer you to free directories ....

You'll see that you have customers very quickly. Good continuatrion.

benebond said ...
You should make topics, boots, basketball shoes ... Do not mix different shoes, it is rough. It's my opinion.
Topclass said ...
Benebond thank you for your advice. As you suggest, it is rough to mix things surtt for a professional shop. I will still improve and I ask you to return to my site and give me your opinion!
valerie said ...
attention in the topics it seems that there are articles which do not relate (a remove)
I agree it is better to classify shoes
I think that it would be better to put the name of your store logo on your site header.
assure you that the help page you consistent,
the service of any evidence na not been updated nor faqs, customers, contacts, links, privacy, and news ....
it is better to disable the pending fill
it's just my opinion ...
otherwise good continuation and good luck.
Top Class said ...
Hello Valerie,
I appreciate your perspective and thank you again. As suggested, I will make changes to improve our shop.
Please feel free to give me your opinion!
Good luck to us!
Top Class!
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