Opinion on my site and SEO problem
hello to all then voila I am writing because I want an opinion on my site
I hesitate not take any criticism ect ....
Then I have a problem with my referencing in effect as I type my address in google it does not find my front page but only my contact page,
So how about it? Google has 3 months for me to reference then I change my site description for search engine and this is 1 week and google is always putting the former explanation how to do?
Sorry for the length of my message but I did not post on more topics.
thank you in advance for your response.
best regards.
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Creation : 2010-02-09
KingEshop said ...

For the Contact page : This is Google that decides what is put in the search results.

For the description : When Google will iron on your site, it will index the new entry, you just need a little patience.

To improve your SEO, please read this article very carefully, it is in french but you can translate it with Google's translator :



KingEshop Team.
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