Opinion on my site and Google Website Optimizer
Hello everyone!
it would be nice of you to take a look at my site and give me your opinion! it's been quite some time as I work on it and I still have no sales, a number of very limited visitors and about 600 pages visited by the search engines in 16 days! This does not seem top!
On the other hand, is anyone can tell me what Website Optimizer and Google if it has any relevance for us?
Thank you in advance for your answers!
see you soon.

My site: www.peche golf-loisirs.com
Author : Philippe
Readings : 377
Creation : 2010-02-14
Nad said ...
Hello Philippe, I myself sold fishing tackle, and I found your site very clear and very detailed.
Prices are those for quality materials such as yours.
did you know has let free ads on some site, and ads on specialized forums?

To google I would answer you.
Anyway, nice site very clear and detailed.
Alex204 said ...
I find it very nice. your site.
Toni said ...
I find it very good and I'm the pub around me ....

That's how I started too.

Go! Courage! and bravo for taf!
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