Opinion on my shop official jerseys
After 2 months of work, I wanted to have your opinion on my site because my sales do not take off!
Appears it is very competitive and I received lots of mail from someone who threatens me because they think I sell counterfeit, while all my products are official, I buy them from wholesalers and suppliers of professional, I have to all invoices.
That's why I want your opinion to see what I could to rectify that my visitors have confidence in me and did more than I croint sells counterfeit!
Thank you in advance for your valuable help!
Author : Alfredo
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Creation : 2010-03-26
Mylène said ...
I am not a football fan but prior to your site sounds great, it is clear, well presented, accurate.
Nothing indicates that these are fake and I am surprised that competitors can threaten you so shamelessly.
I think they are jealous of the money that you practice because they may be unable to negotiate Ausi well as you the purchase price and offer the following attractive prices.
The market is large each has its place!
For a short tour threats in police station should calm the inflamed by some ;-)
I wish you good luck and above all full of beautiful sales!

Dédé said ...
I just visited your very own shop but just a suggestion, why not call it simply: maillot de football ??????? you had a box on Google !!!!!!
Take example lescravattes, title, description, keywords, you have everything on hand to appear at the top when you search a football jersey so there's more than .....
Good continuation.
Best regards.
tex said ...
it will not dédé unfortunately he is in a very competitive, we must implement more SEO techniques that. Courage to store all your cases and do not be fooled
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