Opinion on my shop celebrates 1 year
Hello everyone,

It sank in the water under the bridge since a year, much work of headaches but it was good something for nothing and not just sell jewelry designer competition is fierce. It's time to take stock rather positive, correct positioning on Google with certain keywords, a 96. 000 site on Alexa, tours and some sales, but in the sake of progress and do better I will like your opinion on my shop. On the advice of some people I redid the pictures because not easy to make fine jewelry, altered the home page and I am redoing my product descriptions so much work.

Can you give me your opinion, thank you in advance.

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Creation : 2010-09-16
Anonymous said ...
1 year is just takes 2 years and see if it works well or not is very difficult start my 2 years posion should be very profitable
Anonymous said ...
alexa: 967,000, not 96,000

which is already very good.

Artdco76 said ...
Good evening

I find your store great, really very pro and beautiful jewelry
Here is my site I http://www.artdcocreatif.kingeshop.com
which will in a few days http://www.artdcocreatif.fr

Good luck for the future and I am sure your shop will change from month to month you'll see.

bye bye
Anonymous said ...
Thank you to Artdco76 for his encouragement.

Regarding Alexa actually I made a mistake I wanted to put 96??? .000 Because I remember the exact figure.

For any other comments??
Anonymous said ...
I love your store is very beautiful!
Good luck for the future!
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