Opinion on my shop

I begin to have opinions on my online shop ... Thanks to all
It's here www.lecoffreafarines.com
Author : Céline
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Creation : 2010-04-27
lulouetcie said ...
I found your site very much, the colors are consistent with the products, however, were missing photos when the product goes on, your pack varieties seems a very good idea for prospective customers who do not know the products, would be good to put ahead, it lacks one important thing to have your terms of sales, and the port between 0 and 3 kg seems a bit expensive, here I hope being constructive.
Delf said ...
Very good!

Surtoutque I have a machine, I'm crazy about homemade bread.
It would be nice to also offer all the buns.

Delphine of the bébés fringueurs
Anthony said ...
Your site is nice, but where are your terms of sale and your number siret? It is important for buyers to know that we are facing a pro ... remember to add it.

htpp: / /
Céline said ...
Thank you for your very nice comment instead. Ok I added my number of Siret and general conditions of sale I do not really know what to put but I chercher.Pour the shipping costs I agree they are expensive but I ' have not cheaper unless you have astuces.Mes products are heavy and low amount so I can not include my shipping it. In response to Delphine, Brioches happen since your visit and I added two sections including one called soon ...
Thank you again
koumy said ...
Hi celine,

Out of curiosity I tumbled on your site and good for ... I used to be super super nice but cache without being mean ..... those who know me will forgive me my lack of tact that's good ... to start later.

Celine I know you put in front of the flour but a little color would not hurt ....

1-since your photos are not bright, I would opt for another color presentation of the site;

2-I have to squint to see one of your presentations of flour with a small sachet ogether .... when you can resume the pictures (even with a mobile phone) higher loan and working sharpness of a photo free photo site demo download .... YOU WORKED FOR FREE ONE MONTH;

3-FOUND ON THE INTERNET OF OLD PICTURES OF PAST representing a bakery or a baker and another course with the baker ... or pictures of people with a stick, a bun .... and you will have that and there on your pages to be nice!

After all, you sell a product that is pure greed when finished, so my daughter must dream and every meal ..... go!

Now all this is perhaps not necessary, if your sales explode already.

koumy who wish you a good continuation.
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