Opinion on my shop
Hello everyone, I would have a possitive or negative opinion about my shop
to see what improvements I doi thank you to all
On my shop prices are postage inclusive good or bad idea?
Author : Furiousgame
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Creation : 2010-02-26
Anthony said ...
Your site is very good ..... but you also often offered higher price than the price sellers ... where is the benefit?

Best regards

Manuella said ...
Good evening, you should touch up the home page. Quite a few items of overlap.
Replay Conditions of Use, you say that prices are exclusive of delivery charges while on the home page you announce charges.
Be careful not to write as they speak, I think there are turns of phrase to overhaul ....
Some spelling errors ... but by dint of rereading it sees much more.
The concept is good, I hope it works and will work for you
Quick games pokemon DS occasions, I have a large home that is a fan!
furiousgame said ...
Thank you but for me price supplier sells at high prices at the moment so I sold the store price, but there are nine games to its already less expensive than store like battlefield bad Company2 in trade is a 70 then on my site there is a 65 including postage, so I susi cheaper

But I must do with this supplier because I saw the error on their prices
thank you
best regards
furious game
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