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Then voila I would like your opinion on my shop, whether it is pro? If you give her want to buy? I take all the criticism and advice to improve.
best regards.
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Creation : 2010-02-20
Patricia said ...

I find no evil in all but mistakes in the home, which does not pro
and other small personal note, why not bring the blue (top of home page) with the blue of your site template? but hey, this is only my opinion

Good continuation
Alex204 said ...
la mode a petit prix c'est (kiabi)
the slogan is known, you should find your slogan.
you have lots of category, may be a little too small.
some duplicate charges and postage provided.

good luck
Anonymous said ...
At the entry actually there is no evil but voluntary for referencing.
Thank you for your criticism that there's that as one progresses good day to thank you all again.
Céline D. said ...

I think there are many misspellings.
Try to correct it qq'un around you (often by force to work on his website it comes to not seeing the obvious).

For same day delivery, I think you wanted to talk about same-day shipping, which is not the same thing.

So much for my opinion.

I wish you a good continuation.

Best regards
Anonymous said ...

harmonious choice, just think about keeping the same shades of blue on your homepage.

However Ouch! your text is poorly prepared and overlap each other on what makes amateur. remember to change very quickly faults because customers do not like at all.

good continuation femmeautop.fr
Anonymous said ...
Ouh spelling mistakes! No seriously if we want to pro!
Example in the middle of the homepage: 3 items purchased = 1 gift (without X!) ...
Spelling it exists!
Otherwise everything is a little confusing, too many things should be simplified.
The blue pad on top of the page is quite illegible, while overlapping, in red text are unreadable, etc etc ...
I am not a woman so your products do not interest me but the homepage does not really want to go further in my opinion, so I do not continue.
That's my opinion.
Good continuation Good luck anyway!
benebond said ...
Yes, there are spelling errors, but also on your items when you want to order, should that one can choose the size, size ...
best regards
benebond said ...
In any case, after giving my opinion, I saw lots of interesting articles and cheap, which I envy, I would order soon.

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