Opinion on my shop
can you give me your impressions of buyer on my shop.
thank you:

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Creation : 2010-01-28
Cherokee said ...
Good evening,

I found your product very original, the idea is excellent.

But your store is far from over, not only lacks a lot of products but there is no entry and your static pages must be disabled or informed! So you still have lots of work to do ...

Me, I think it is first necessary to learn the conditions of sale, transportation, legal information before to expand the items for sale. That is how your visitors will become buyers.
Good continuation

Céline D. said ...
I love what you sell is very modern and very original!

Works even when your home page which is really an amateur in the state.
Avoid gif that shines and moves for my taste, it is not serious, A is already too!
Of course this advice is only my opinion ..

For products, try to have at least one full page (or 9 objects) series, visually it gives a better effect when you click on a category, and the buyer, it allows a minimum of choice.

Remember to create entries including information on your GTC.

I add you to my watchlist to see more.

Good continuation.

Best regards,
Magali said ...

I think it's a very good idea. I do not watch the series so I do not know much but I think it's original.
You should perhaps emphasize that these are derivatives of the series because I wondered what it was originally. It would suffice to make it bold or color.

Good continuation.
Aurelien said ...
The problem is that you left unmodified page: eg links, customers ...
alex204 said ...
thank you all for your excellent advice, I'll be working all that.

was followed in season 2

chouette06 said ...

Your idea is excellent and original.

In addition to what was already said above I would add:

corrects spelling errors (there has to homepage)

Excellent continuation and good sales
alex204 said ...
I redid my homepage
when do you?

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