Opinion on my new homepage
I am completely redo my homepage, what do you think?

Author : Alex204
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Creation : 2010-04-05
Anonymous said ...
Beware of spelling mistakes!
and personally I will remove the article si vous nous trouvez cher...
Mylène said ...
Hello, I like it a lot.
I went through the site, there are too many spelling mistakes it's a shame.
If I were you I will remove the topic of why you are dear, you do not have to justify yourself, a client will absolutely love these items are hard to find and that this explains the price or he buys it or not buy endpoint ;-).
Otherwise the whole is very consistent and is originally presented, you should reach many customers with good commercial development.
Fair sales to you.

Ano-nym said ...
misspellings (eg the New Releases of the week do you spell the news)! It is really not that pro!
If not fully agree with Mylène, you sell to fans, so no need to explain your price, the more I do not think it's very vendor ... Anyway they are collectors so if they really want a product, they will price if they want!
Why a Belgian flag on the homepage if you are based in France?
And why an item if you're not in France? Either way you're supposed to sell in the world not? Simply set the charges at the International in the correct category, so do not need to contact you for a quote, which I find is enough of a deterrent ...
Otherwise I think you have a good niche that should work well ...
Good continuation.
Céline D. said ...
I'm still as much a fan of your shop! Your offer is completely current and original.
Like the previous ... attention to spelling, however, there are unfortunately everywhere:-S

I wish you a good continuation

ps: will you receive other keychain ghost whisperer?
Alex204 said ...
thank you very much
your comments are very relevant.
If you find photes spellings thank you for the reports.
Alex204 said ...
yes, was 2.90 euros.
send me your mail.
jmv7 said ...
Hello Alex204,

I've made the correction of your home page by e-mail.

Magik Blend said ...
nice layout and effectively clear a few spelling mistakes, but those who worry even complained find a way to do it too ... ready to laugh a little and not one has been spared.

Some point
What do you mean with:
We specialize in merchandising
Gives you a marketing department for that is the merchandising
when you say:
This is the first time in France that a store offers DERIVATIVES PRODUCTS TV series to 100%
outside made it do, in my opinion a little pretentious, it's not quite accurate, desolate, but good fan series I can confirm to you that you are not alone and other fans ( your potential customers) know it too and may have the same feeling as me

Ps: For the spelling very good tool: Antidote correction
Anonymous said ...
It's so the first time a site that your products containing prose description of your site (sales of products derived from TV series), by copying and pasting on Google I do not see planks on the 3 1st page, I used the Google Toolbar and you confirm that you are not ranked in the first hundred ....
As stated above, review your intro, I think you want but it missed hitting: I have read 3 times to understand something.
Also review the description and keywords ....
Good continuation.
Alex204 said ...
So I may be wrong but I am as I know there are products site but everyone is mix manga, film, TV series, video games, ect. and plus it covers only large series 24, house, experts, etc

The originality of my site resides in the fact that I specialize in the TV series and I offer small series: weeds, how i Met Your Mother, ect ....

In referencing the conserne, people who research products, research in general 1 series, so they slap on google: t-shirt house, dexter mug, mouse pad ect the mentalist ... I am first and has almost every time.
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