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Grab your pens ... uh ... your keyboards!
Author : VideGrenier
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Creation : 2010-06-01
nwa said ...

All these models ... it is very unpleasant to the eye. As animations. The images are of very poor quality. Items sold sold why put: what interest for the buyer? Put a stock would be more appropriate. Why leave the labels on the products while kingeshop already indicates your price? There is still much work in aesthetics.

Anonymous said ...
It is true that the very poor quality pictures do not Super.
To improve: 3 / 10
zeni said ...
Yes change all the website photos, remove the ads sold me parrait also be a priority.

Anonymous said ...
Review all your photos and prices of items ...
too high (in my opinion)

Your site does not want at all

Warning notices take not as bad criticism but rather to improve.
And flea market for me has lost the meaning of flea market!
careful not to mix with all the empty dressing room ...

La bougnate said ...
Hello VideGrenier

In addition to what has been said previously, it lacks above your postal address, telephone and official: No Siret or AE and CNIL declaration n!

This is vital if you want to be credible in the eyes of potential buyers ...
and search engines, tax services and your competitors
To be updated as soon as possible!

Manue said ...
FYI also know that the return of the goods and then refund or exchange is REQUIRED to have for professionals.
Outside you notice the opposite ... Attention!
A buyer has the right and without any proof you return the item and you request a refund.

Your site is not professional, review layouts, photos what is necessary, the legal notice as specified by the Bougnate.

No contact info, etc. Siret ...

Flea market does not think of a clothing site.

The appearance is most important, pay attention to them.

Good luck
Everything is not done in one day!

Le Dressing De Zoé
Anonymous said ...
I see no issue siret
no mention legal
your person or to know
shipping its unknown

the site lacks confidence so people quickly zap
Anonymous said ...
SOLD na who is nothing to do on your site customers will find his touch
Anonymous said ...
you score low price
and prices are super expensive
site and without trust you have created your site in one morning or
beauoucp rest of my job was to make
Mylène said ...
I will be frank and objective as to help you practice it must be, so do not be angry, take it as a great encouragement ;-)

I wonder about the name of the site because when I saw flea I thought junk antique style with beautiful objects and textiles made it, I do not think it's consistent.

Where are your Siret n, n cnil, name, address of your business that are mandatory?

On your homepage slideshow unsatisfactory parading the pictures are of very poor quality, it may discourage customers within 2 seconds.
The insert in the pin-up is unnecessary especially since there are no pictures so it does not arouse customer interest.

The heading to read before starting conditions is known is the mention of sales are légale.Vous offense when you mention any returns or refunds. The law is clear to all traders the client has the right to return goods for refund within the statutory minimum of 7 working days of receipt of his article.

The mode of delivery is not indicated, we do not know if it's forbidden, so we have a tracking number or not, it must be clearly indicated.

The gif above the contact form is to be removed because it is really very poor quality.

Same for photos of items they are all very poor, and that, that does not sell, the client who has seen it once, never to return.
My advice for the photos is to take them outside when we can not afford to pay for a photographer or you do not know use retouching software is the best. Then you can recut the Gimp is free software and simply resize with paint software already on your computer (Windows only).

For the vacuum-dressing prices are very high.

A lot of work ahead but we never give anything without a bit of trouble, watch the competition, inspire you, but do not copy the site reflects your personality and your universe, revealed some momentum!
You have to give one side more careful and more professional for it to work.

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