Opinion on my 2 nd shop

After several days, here is my new online store selling cosmetic contact lenses!
I hope to have as much or more success than the first (femmeautop.fr)!

I await your opinion but your criticism (constructive).

I still have the GTC to implement and more than 400 references.
For those who are interested in a partnership please contact me via the shop.

Thank you all!

Author : lentillesS
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Creation : 2010-10-09
ne1190 said ...
Product description below each image is too long and then trimmed

I am not an expert in design, but protecting the logo images of the eye is too light, do not relieve enough of it. It is best to have a logo watermark, much less visible and equally effective.

In the keywords, there is not enough, more is needed, such as makeup, eye color, colored it looking good, there are surely others.

The home page is beautiful, but the picture on your opinion of Halloween style is ugly and no longer refers to this time of year, which will soon be passed, before thou be taken in the Google index. (And then there were perhaps through the promotion of vampire type lens without it frightens the customer ;-)
Good luck.
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