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Want a review on my site and comments on some pages, constructive advice welcome, thank you in advance for your time. Leave me comments also to test this feature out of my access.

Thank you: http://www.satisfactionteeshirt.kingeshop.com/
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Creation : 2010-10-08
Alex said ...
The site is fine, but you'll only sell t shirts Rolling Stone?
ROLLING44 said ...

thank you, yes I think this site is specialized in the Rolling Stones, but with great potential (flocking, transfer, select the ground, covers cd ..).
Magali said ...

What is this sending colissimo in 7 days? For me, it n'exite more eco packages.
Why call the T-shirt Rolling? It will convince people who are not fans of the Rolling Stones. Because it concerns me that also sell items on the Rolling Stones, there are so many fans?

Good luck.
ROLLING44 said ...
Response to Magali

It's positioning, there are already many sites offering printing on t-shirt, I opted to specialize in one on the Rolling Stones, it's a choice from a study of market on existing sites.
Regarding your comment on the personal option, it is relevant, I'll think about it.
For packages eco, I checked they still exist in certain positions, the majority, but it will be changed, the problem is that post their rates and solutions, change regularly.
Thank you for your comments.
Claramints said ...
Rolling hello,

My opinion, in bulk:
Although the banner but the rest of the home page seems to fade.
The input sentence in the framework is not enough fun, or else have to change the frame! (Just my opinion!)
I think you should change the order of categories, your first is the least crowded and least flashy, while the next two are much better;
In the category collector you should resize the first two pictures we see less of the dummy.
Voila! I hope I was helpful!
ROLLING44 said ...
Response to Claramints.

Thank you for your opinion.
The banner will change, it will be customized.
I will review the input sentence.
The home page is deliberately simple, clear, uncluttered, attracting just the look they are just creating logos and Rolling Stones, nor is voluntary.
Thank you again.
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