Opening of my site
hello everybody!
it been a while since I worked on my site
tell me what you think thank you in advance

Author : flkkml
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Creation : 2009-10-12
moi55 said ...
He is handsome, he is pro!

For cons, I found the section on general conditions of sale a little too short. It lacks many things.

good sales ...
Cathy said ...
I went to visit your site
(I am not expert but consuming so do not take my critics wrong, tell yourself that it's just to change your site!)
the idea is good.
There is variety is filled with products.
The -:
should annotation for each item if the occasion or nine.
Hide: FAQ and HELP if you do not met.
Presentation nice and pleasant but the photos lack of definition, they are not quite clear, therefore devalue the items.
The presentation of items is very similar to Ebay
Here is hoping to have you help.
I invite you to unwind on my site
Nico said ...
It is not bad.
homepage a clear and harmonious. Except perhaps the black square marks, not aligned or not enough if you want the parcemer.

By cons, to the various charges as items to add is a great idea! But what happens if the client does not add?

Otherwise, it is a beautiful site.
Delphine said ...
Nice site
very nice homepage.
As you say something new and used, the specific for each item if it is new or used.
It is true that the pictures are not very clear.

Here is mine:
Happy selling!
flkkml said ...
greetings to everyone,
thank you for your comments, your comments and your encouragement!
it's true I agree some photos are not very clear I must rework the ....
by cons I'd like to know how to put pictures in the categories below? I happen not this time.
thank you for your answers
Delphine said ...
You do live in the home page.
When you open your page, you press F11 and you put your good pictures.
By cons, off historic if not already done if the text will be hidden by the images.
Lola said ...
once the problem on the home page is stuck on the image with the logo Phosearch VISIBLE wholesale: we must make royalty free.
flkkml said ...
a big thank you to Delphine for her valuable assistance
Delphine said ...
With pleasure!

Each turn, you also helped me to AC and now I lefais with you!
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