Opening of my site
A review of the regulars and others please .... it can only help me ...
good luck to all and thank you KingEshop is quite frankly ...
www.bestdiscount . com
Author : Philippe
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Creation : 2009-09-25
Philippe said ...
following error in my first message, the correct address is and not the other .... sorry
PommedamouR said ...
for me your logo that shines in all directions it does not, we must concentrate to read
Bloggif is not necessary ... you can go to create a banner for free, it will be nicer ...
you cross the bottom of the home page, erase and it will be better (an image that can not be passed)
You have no Siret number?
Some picture are not quite clear, even almost all, the red and yellow is not terrible, opted for the white example, and zoom
for shipping it's complicated! Your customers do not know the weight of items!

uh I think that's all! !

I hope have you been helpful

good continuation
katia said ...
Hi Philippe, I'm pretty consistent with about pommedamour. It's a shame your Home is good but these pro gif s'intille that breaks everything. In any case the rest is well I wish you great control and good continuation.
philippe said ...
thank you for your advice and constructive criticism. I will analyze this and will see your site katia, what not. Good luck to you
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