Opening a store?
Hello, I'd like some answers before opening a shop.
Is it necessarily a VAT number and register in order to open a shop on KingEshop?
KingEshop it takes percentages on sales or other? Or is it TOTALLY FREE?
What payment methods do you use most frequently? If you are using PAYPAL, it takes a percentage of the receipt of the money sent?
Thanks in advance for your answers and your help
Author : [Max]
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Creation : 2009-10-06
Anonymous said ...
Ohhh la! must take the trouble to consult the FAQ or forum before asking all these questions. You can find all the answers ....
Anonymous said ...
Everything is explained in the FAQ!
To open a shop should be professional for the VAT it can not be secured.
KingEshop is totally free
For Paypal, everything is explained on their site! the% is 3.4% +0.25 per transaction.
[Max] said ...
Thank you for your answers, I read the FAQ at ease;)
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