Open for over 15 days and still not in google
hello all, I opened my online store for over 15 days and I'm not in google. please help me !!!!!
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Creation : 2011-01-13
Anonymous said ...
First 15 days is not much. Google is your meta tag in place, so I assume that the submission of the site has not been made, it will then be indexed natural function of time and visits.
Regarding your site, no copyright notice appears.
I guess this is not an oversight, because some items, if not all, are part of the so-called 6èeme category of weapons. The bearing of these weapons in public roads is prohibited, except for just cause. The legitimate reason must be known to the authorities, so I assume approved. Self-defense (without prior threat) is not a legitimate reason, as self-defense is forecast by more than self-defense.
All that to say that before you sell anything, tell your visitors the rules and dangers of your items, you might be taken seriously, if your trade is legal.
Near me, a gunsmith put a poster with the phrase:
A weapon is not dangerous, the user may be.
Nah, it's proof like any other, its trade is legal.

I reassure you anyway, the sale of these products seems legal custody in private too, so do not be afraid to tell your dear Tony patent law.
Good luck.
Anonymous said ...
little writing, but several mistakes, no siret, no cnil, no GTS, no headings, no method of payment, no info on delivery, no info on products sold (as said before to verify your right to sell ........)

So nothing short first not surprising not yet be indexed and second saw the great weakness of info on the site your first sale is not for now ..........
Chti said ...
You need much patience and above all do not set yourself on Google. Google does not necessarily have sales ... Good luck
Pepette said ...
Yes it takes more than 15 days to be in google and already start with the meta tag. Just a question you think add products as 21 reference to an entire site seems a bit low right? No cgv no links contact no siret ........... Working on it until the tag'm putting good sales all
Anonymous said ...
How many mistakes in this forum say so! we must not wait more than 15 days to be listed on google, google in 5 days now easily reference a url.
Tony said ...
Thank you for all your suggestion.Je'm going to look at everything. Tony
Anonymous said ...
@ Anonymous who said he did not wait 15 days ...
I am the first Anonymous, and I confirm with the site, we will have, at this stage, although more than 15 days. He wrote that he was not in Google, thus presumably based on the search for his domain name. This index, in the present state of his shop, take at least 2 months without submitting meta tag.
I confirm that with the tag, indexing the site and its pages takes less than 15 days, but it did not install the tag.
Then the real optimization, based on the keywords searched by potential customers, referral will, in the current state of the shop, several months or even years, so the keywords, description and domain name are common and mundane.
That's why I wrote good luck.
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