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I am creating my product categories, and I asked myself: is it possible by creating the categories, to ensure that when you click on one of these categories, we arrive at a page that does shows not immediately relevant products, but a set of photos (one might call sub-categories) and clicking on any of these photos, which comes on top of the products concerned by it. " br /> To be clearer, for example they sell different products from different brands and each brand has different categories of products (shoes, sweaters, dresses, etc. ...). Is it possible to create categories with the brand names (categories X, U, T, S etc ...) and when you click on the Brand X, you get a page with photos example of a sweater or a pair of shoes or a dress etc. .. and that when you click on the photo of the sweater that happens on the page with all the sweaters
Brand X. This could be a way to have sub-categories. <br / > Is this possible and what do you think?
Thank you and cordially
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Creation : 2009-10-22
microexpert said ...
answer this question we are interested also very strong, because the sub categories starved
microexpert said ...
I find a satisfactory solution by putting more products in the same category (if it can be useful to someone)
KingEshop said ...

Unfortunately, the subcategories are not available in our system yet.

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KingEshop Team.
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