Not much sales
I opened my website, there are about 6 months now, I know how you find my site!
Currently very few sales and 25 visits per day!! I am every day thinking of new ideas to sustain my site and increase sales from my website, I recently changed my domain name, tell me it is something wrong because I am trying to improve my site all the time but malheurensement sales do not climb, I need your opinion ...

Thank you in advance
My website:

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Creation : 2010-10-08
vtu2noir said ...

I think we should start you better reference than that to move a little the number of visits. ask me how ... everyone will like to know the magic formula, that's why you have to work on it thoroughly.
Good luck to you.

Mylène said ...

In response to your message I have just visited your site.
Already the header is not suitable and is not professional.
Spelling errors on the homepage, weddings wedding? Instead, they say wedding or marriage.
The home page is too busy too messy worked visually.
The type of writing chosen is not adapted a style more upscale seems more suited to the situation.
It would harmonize the choice of text colors, mix pink blue red and black this is not the most visually pleasing.
Photos by cons they are super cute!
The guestbook is not recommended you will not find on most major websites.
Some gif images that flash may have no place in your site.
Also missing your cnil n which is mandatory.
There is potential, it lacks harmony and, above all give you the means to make a pretty site to see and visit.
A customer has only a few seconds he was on the home page to be persuaded to continue.
Competition is fierce must be inspired, do not copy and keep his own personality.
It is quite feasible, the world of Internet commerce is constantly changing and there is no room for amateurism and I do not say that in trying to hurt you but just to explain that we must work and much interest in what others do, adjust accordingly.
You'll certainly get there and I wish you great sales!
Anonymous said ...

I just visit the home page actually does not pro, it looks like a blog more than a sales site. The categories on the left: the first and the third does not work.
I think you have cleaned a little.
Good luck and good sales.
Anonymous said ...
In response to all your comments, I can tell you that I work a lot on my site, I had to completely redo the home page had a problem on KingEshop since my homepage is clear, for the home page I still have things to add.
The categories on the left is working correctly because I checked just now, the first category 'Christmas Special' is under construction and I find it a bit hard as you compare my site to a blog rather than a sales site after all the world to different opinions and I thank you give me your opinion.
For gifs, I have removed them because it does not Pro Effects.

Thank you
Anonymous said ...

I took a quick look, I think the big problem is a concern for spelling, if it is not your thing, why not try to find someone around you to reread and make any necessary corrections. Personally if I arrive on a site full of spelling mistakes I am suspicious and goes quickly to something else. That said we should not kid ourselves, you are not alone in experiencing difficulties, I think we galérons all more or less, the offer on the internet is so abundant that it is difficult to get a seat! Good luck, you hang on, I speak knowingly!
Anonymous said ...
Thank you for the advice, it is true that the spelling is not my forte, I make the corrections needed .... cordially
Anonymous said ...
Have you thought about filing business cards to credit bakeries with good example on your website address and a picture that makes you want, directly related to your business.
You can imagine the back of these cards, a coupon code to be able to appreciate the feedback ... (Why not a coupon code differs depending on the type of store cards, or filed a bakery, clothing store, etc. ... so you can further refine your analysis of returns)
Referencing is good, but it is not everything, we must also think of other advertising opportunities simple and not necessarily expensive ...
This paper pub in your town and surrounding towns perfectly combine the world of Net access and proximity to people like that too.

Otherwise, to add to comments from colleagues, must also admit that we are not really at the time of marriages and baptisms ... You should also imagine a real offer for birthdays, sporting events, businesses, etc. ...
Anonymous said ...
For my part I find I really like the site very well done home page is nice! Little flat I would say a bit too busy!
I am a client I try to leave!
Now you have to advertise a maximum of forum site around your home because I think have a great potential vs.!
Do you think the wedding fair which begins around in France?
Anonymous said ...
Thank you very much, I do a lot of publicity around my house and I keep adding my site on the referral sites, I also looking to offer new products such as boxes to expand my clientele


Anonymous said ...
Good luck to you then, and I hope that sales will start soon!
Give us some news!
Good evening.
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