No sale what is the problem?
Hello to all, for several months that my shop is online, it begins to be well referenced, I have regular visits, but no ventes.Est Can someone advise me? This is about my shop, my prices? When I look at my visits there a lot or has marked this google search is the search engines? I just put alexa and I'm below 100 000, but I'm glad I do not understand why I have no more sales ... Do you have comments on your items or products? I have not ... Thanks for any help you can give me and thank KingEshop.
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Creation : 2009-11-17
MOUSS said ...
Hello, I understand you, it makes me 1yr I sell anything, why, I even know, but my shop is visited several times a day, I see that I am not alone in this case.
Maybe he should patiently, for years and years lollllll, have patience again.
Good luck
SucLingerie said ...
With the address of your site is better, what do you think?
Delphine said ...

for google search, so I do not talk nonsense, those are people who type keywords on Google and it lands on your site after searching for them.

Do you do the pub, a newsletter. Your site is much visited, but how many pages, how long?
Vincent said ...
Good evening,
I just go to your shop mousselec the problem is that there's too much jewelry shop online and that competition is fierce example for the online sale of ring is very complicated buyers prefer to see live .
I shop serves me right before I opened my window for a parallel shop directly on my site and off-peak I events in my sectors.
record store has been open for 2 months and the turnover is steadily increasing.
By cons who purchased online are those that I saw in my shop or at rallies and after taking time to reflect.
Have one online store is very hard to live unless you have an original niche.
But the most important trade is to believe if it is better to work with others.
Go courage and seek ways to devellopper your case.
Your Biker
LABROC2 said ...
I forgot
LABROC2 said ...
Hi, I just go to your shop and you mouss several boxes on the left are empty when clicked, nothing. And on your right heading messaging I think your picture is too large exceeds it. If you went to see my site can you give me criticism for helping me to improve myself, thank you
Anonymous said ...
Labroc may also be because of your money personally I think you're expensive, but maybe I'm wrong
philippe said ...
hello vincent
I think you have answered the problem of jewelry, especially rings, not easy to evaluate a size even with a virtual ring size.
even me, I have a shop, a store that I just opened and I made a lot of reunion among people, which fixes many things, once he knows their size, order, it becomes easy but it still remains a problem even in a size you can have slight differences, so the ring if you have no shop, forget, what it should ask this question:
this is how to buy a ring on the net without having to try?
Me personally no, because you always resort to exchange it, but it becomes much more complicated and costs.
with respect to the rest of jewelry, concurence is hard, it must have the lowest prices possible and if possible, original jewelry, if not, do not bother me, I cling to my shop as you vincent just for presenting what things without more, it's just more serious to own a virtual shop, and as I practice at the same time a activitée markets, people know where to find me,
you have a good argument vincent
good continuation
Vincent said ...
Philippe thank you I see the reasoning is identical and it is clear that the advice we could give. Selling online is not the chicken or the egg but an excellent support for dévellopper your case.
Philippe what is the name of your shop?
Good day and good sales at all.
doudine said ...
do this a few weeks that my shop is open, as you still selling

I sell primarily on market and fair and I opened this shop for my clients but also let me know throughout France ....

by cons I am not against the advice of an expert, here is my shop ...
Anonymous said ...
mousselec I found your site well done but the articles are not detailed enough

you put across b.o dormeuses plaqué or with additional reference even if it is not always obvious, it must provide details.

also, when you click on email, there is a huge swan. it is certainly beautiful but hey, it takes the whole screen

Otherwise, I found your site very nice
Anonymous said ...

without wishing to offend, I think the photo homepage is not very welcoming.

agreement is a flea market but it gives no real desire to buy. one gets the impression that you does not care for objects that are balanced a little chance.

A photograph taken in a room orderly and neat would it be better for?

Good afternoon, it's up to you ...
véro said ...
Consider buying your own domain name makes it more believable! Good continuation to all
Best regards
femmeautop said ...
vero said goodnight as when creating a shop must invest a minimum of time and money already so take your own domain name that you reference more easily, made lots and lots of advertising, sign everywhere you made your own business card ,

we gain not short of money right away!

think of price as a boutique jewelry may very well escape proof! Price and quality play a lot personally or client returns not once in my shop but 10 X! hey yes

sales are gradually learning to listen to the needs of customers at the bait with reduction or gifts and you will see the result

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