No sale (opinion?)

Here are some months that I created my site kingeshop: (I bought my own domain name to do more pro).
But since its inception, I have one single command ... Yet level optimization including Google and Exalead I'm pretty good I think ... For the keywords most wanted I'm on the first page.
For those who know better than me in SEO and website creation, can you tell me sth missing or if the site design does not fit? (I'm open to criticism:))

Author : Drukang
Readings : 501
Creation : 2010-08-12
bobyes said ...

You say: For the keywords most wanted I am on the first page

To help you, tell me what keywords, most wanted, you're the first Google page?
Anonymous said ...
Hey, me I have been seeing your site ... I appreciate your store in terms of its content, however, your shop seems to be abandoned, several categories are empty when you click on it? it sounds strange if you're client I think.
I also think that if your homepage is nice, very nice photo, it is not dynamic enough, it takes too much space.
On this .....? all this is only my opinion of course.
good way :-)
CréaStyx said ...

Say it is already one quite that difficult to make Internet sales because the customer can not feel through the screen of the pc ...

If I were you, I would do the pictures because, at first glance, they do not inspire confidence ...
They are not made on the same background. Sometimes it is a sort of cover that looks like a bed, sometimes it is set on a sort of bamboo; It is strange!
Why not do a background that is Nature? In the grass, the forest on a plain ground green or brown, ...

I noticed that you have no entries, it may perhaps be a problem?
And visually, if you have not, I would delete it so that the customer does not think your shop is under construction or abandonment ...
I do not know cmt we made but I did it last time on my shop quibble left and right! = D

Ever yours,
CréaStyx said ...
Oh yes and to inspire confidence or make them think the potential customer
Why not offer demonstrations at home?

Even if you're not too excited to do so, the offering does not mean that people will ask thee. It will make them think more and it's more serious and pro! ;-)

Ever yours,
cameleon said ...
I just go to your shop and I think there is not enough explanation (or come to objects, who are you ...)
I hope it will help, good luck!
Patrick said ...
must create his site, then it must visits
and perhaps sales.
That does not necessarily follow
there are a lot of work and sometimes little results.
you must be patient and do not get discouraged.
perhaps rethink some things, explain what you sell
and who you are.
Put yourself in the place of the potential buyer to see what he would think
arriving in your shop: he must feel confident, find things
of interest and also that it is simple to order otherwise it will drop
and will buy elsewhere
François B said ...
Hello Drukang,

several observations:
- The header banner is successful but not the font rasterized contours (create a logo or a typeface adapted integrated banner)
- The home page needs to be improved to be more powerful and create a meditative atmosphere and exotic (the picture is a little rough apple) in the absence of smell!
- Photos produced inconsistent (bottom of prayer flags, however successful) and quality definition
- The creation of informative topics (history and use of incense ...)
will be very useful for referencing Shop
- Profile page (which uses the example text of kingeshop) must absolutely be customized

Bonne continuation!
Drukang said ...
Thank you to all for these comments and possible improvements!

I went to work for headings, I customized the profile page, I will redo the photos in hand to boost the home page I have absolutely no idea!

Thank you:)
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