No sale .... it's hopeless
Hello to all ... I'm worried because I did not even sell in my shop visits. I know that stamp collecting is not really a niche market but still ... Perhaps it is my shop which is not good? Can you give me your opinion??
Thank you in advance and good day everyone
Author : valeria67
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Creation : 2010-10-31
Yvon said ...
No, the shop is very well

do not despair.

Anyway, everyone starts to do a shop on the net. Therefore, predict that this activity is secondary or complementary activity or a showcase for its products.

good luck - Yvon olive oil
Anonymous said ...
Good evening,

At first I found your shop nice =)
Okay I confess I did not know what it meant to stamp before falling to your store: s

worries: your niche is and does not carry that collectors: s
Many people today prefer purchased by hand
The flea market is often the preferred place for many collectors to sell their stamps.

this is not your fault a board improve your SEO, word of mouth, posting ads, book ect ....

also choose a personalized domain name

J-Pierre said ...
Nothing abnormal in your shop, simply present the market is difficult.
However, some tips to maximize the number of visits: add in tags: Yvert Tellier maury facial write topics related to philately, increases the description of your shop in the 'important data for the search engines'. Otherwise I saw some pieces that interest me, I'll put your favorites and come back but as a customer soon.
valeria67 said ...
Thank you for your advice ... I'll think about taking a domain name if it can help. Already if you find my shop and good fun is not so bad!
I will persevere ...
Again, thank you
Yvon2 said ...
The stamps, contrary to what is said above has a huge potential in the net and enthusiasts rely more on net to find the rare pearl for other products which need to be tested and tested since it affects the person as lenses for the eyes ....
Your application store 2-3 retouching and especially a full review of SEO, let me explain.
1 - The theme of your page is beautiful but the structure of your home is bad: there is no keyword or description valable.Commencez by putting a title written at the top of your page (slogan) to the of a single band because google does not read the photos;
-Remove the square frames that are qu'enlaidir your homepage with and explain clearly what you do with neat paragraphs.
Heal the description of your site (description of KingEshop) and similarly for keywords;
In short Google only reads the first 5 words of your site and therefore retains only the words of the motto and the words of the first sentence of your homepage, so it is to say that SEO is not something easy if you do not treat it.
You must choose these words as a function of demand on google I'm going to take for example my own store selling tools
With only 100 articles on 4000 but moves a lot on the net and I'm pretty proud (1 for sale in 4 weeks with a shop far from being finished).
That's how I proceeded.
I typed on google tools sales: 4.7 million responses, and then added drome because that is where I live: 380 000 results and I occupy the 1st places.
See site Yvon olive oils, it is distinguished by a simple word: Estremadura! it is with one word you can make a difference to others, then, being a specialist in this area looking for the word (or words which is even better )!!!! with a single word you may be fewer answers on google but a more targeted clientele therefore more likely to sell etcelà you can do.
The mistake of most designers shop is filling up their store of articles and ignore everything else, being KingEshop immediately online so it is important to treat immediately referencing title, slogan , description, keywords, ... items can wait a bit .....
Here I tried to make it short but your shop has potential and it is never too late to correct your mistakes, I remain at your disposal for any question and hope that my post is distributed as 8 have not already published ...............
You can write me directly via
Good luck.
monavis said ...
Me and contrary to optimistic, I can not find your shop attractive.
It starts with the url.

Then, the presentation page is approximate, too scattered.
We can not say enough, stop to welcome a user is on your shop.

As gifs, these old practices should be used and even less on sites that claim to teachers.

it is preferable to use the homepage to showcase its products than to insert content vain.

I spent more time reading your blue frames that dwell on your products!

Then there are the charges: configure that way (into categories), it is a real headache if I decide to buy.
But I understand this approach.

You write in your Terms: The prices of our products are indicated in euros all taxes included.
Excuse me but you're a small car venture, so you invoices without VAT tax.
TVA non applicable, article 293 B of the CGI.

After I advise you to create more relevant content.
You mean Yvert and Tellier is that these gus!?

You're in philately, why not create a category (or several), which deals with this discipline: history, great moments, great names, events?

Well, if you want a hand to bring some order, I'll leave my email on the box of your shop.
Anonymous said ...

you have a well-stocked collection, I would like to know if you have stamps from 1940 to 1945 in Germany or France, Belgium.

Isabelle said ...
Nice shop, but effectively, without promotion, you never get it.

There are more and more shops on the net and must be referenced on the one hand, on the net, and be known outside the net.

Good luck,
Valeria67 said ...
Thank you for your answers and advice!
I will consider to change my shop.
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