No orders via my website

Why I do not get control?
Are my items are too expensive?
My site is not it appealing?
Yet I have visitors to my site ...

If you have a tip, I was taking.

Thank you
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Creation : 2011-03-23
jmh said ...
To answer, it would be nice to give details of your site?
Anony Mouse said ...

Too much competition in this sector.
The bay is teeming with vendors selling the same items, often without memory cards, which seems less expensive in a search.
Your photos are becoming almost identical to all other sellers, so there is no revolution on your site.
This does not mean that it can start at any time, but on fewer than 20 items in the shop is not won.

The big problem is that despite the fair presentation of the site, there is no address, no VAT number, and no incentive to trust you to you rather than another unknown the bay. As I had already written above, there is also no recorded delivery, which often amounts to the dropship, the potential customer for this type of material known.

And then, finally, your promo on the postage is not visible at all, as if you were ashamed, whereas if you want to sell outside of Luxembourg, this must be the first thing to offer.
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