No more sales
No more sales, I do not understand, take a look and tell me if you see why. I also meetings at home and markets Vaucluse, the Drôme and Gard.

I must look neutral people, because even me I do not see. Thank you.
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Creation : 2010-01-07
didie said ...
At home the red a little too flash on the gray.
Then a little space in the GTC and I do not find your number siret.
Céline D. said ...
If you sold before, I rather think that the fall in sales is that you suffered the stroke cons of feasts throughout the world to spend his money for Christmas gifts ...

For the aesthetic side, I agree with didie, might need to reconsider your color chart.
To my taste, black lingerie, I think it plumbs a little ambience (if I may say).

Good continuation anyway.
benebond said ...
Thank you for your advice. I'll take note.
Sonia said ...
Hello Bénédicte,

Your site is clear and complete, your articles are nice ... and I think even let me try! The sales decline somewhat once the Christmas presents purchased: the phenomenon is normal.
Anonymous said ...
After Christmas, customers are looking for sales, offers sales and your sales will go back
Anonymous said ...
Your shipping cost is free but not mentioning
spaymen said ...
to do marketing

a buy 2 Free or 50%

3 string a lot of x euros

Free shipping from x to x

for the purchase of a chemise and offered a string

-50% On all sex toy

- All a 2 euro

Emphasize text or descriptive word with balances Promo -70
info for the image containing text are not referenced so if my potential client string slap small price if no word n is present on your site be nothing I can find it behind or not google because the site of reference by more than word than you.

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benebond said ...
I propose precisely balances. Lol, I would not mind. Thank you all.
benebond said ...
have an article Shipping cost where everything is mentioned
spaymen said ...
are not many people who read the section each small image on the right example
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